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In the 1999 resolution regarding Taiwan's future passed by the Democratic Progressive Party, it is stated very clearly that any change to the status quo of Taiwan must be decided by the people of Taiwan through referenda.

Chen Shui-bian


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Overview: Taiwan


The director of China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, Zhang Zhijun, declared that that the People’s Republic would announce no less than 31 measures in August 2013 designed to ‘cultivate cross-strait interactions.’ Among the six measures that he disclosed was that Taiwanese would be given access to 10 categories of accreditation tests on the mainland, as well as the establishment of 10 ‘cross-strait cultural exchange centres’ on the mainland. Additionally, and rather wordily, the mainland's Supreme People's Court would grant legal status to civil arbitration agreements formulated by arbitration committees in Taiwan. These initiatives appeared to be the latest attempt to promote people-to-people exchanges across the Taiwan Strait amid continued deep-rooted distrust. As so often the case at high level meetings of this sort, there was an inevitable dose of vague promises. Thus, speaking on behalf of President Xi, the chairman of the Chinese Political People's Consultative Conference, Yu Zhengsheng announced that the mainland ‘would strive towards consolidating peaceful mainland-Taiwan ties, while welcoming former pro-independence Taiwanese to visit the mainland. Our new leadership will continue to follow correct policies and dedicate itself to consolidating the political, economic, cultural and social foundations for the peaceful development of cross-strait relations.’

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Profile: Taiwan

- Timeline

- Political structure

- Population,

- Education  

- Health

- Welfare

- Main cities

- Languages spoken

- Media

- Economy

- Agriculture

- Industry and manufacturing

- Tourism

- Mining,

- Hydrocarbons

- Energy

- Financial markets

- Banking and insurance

- Time

- Geography

- Climate

- Dress codes

- Entry requirements

- Health (for visitors)

- Hotels

- Credit cards

- Public holidays

- Working hours

- Telecommunications

- Electricity

- Social customs and useful tips

- Security

- Getting there

- Getting about

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Key Facts

Key Facts:

Key Facts
Official name: Chung-hua Min-kuo (Republic of China) (known as Taiwan)
Head of State: President Ma Ying-jeou (Kuomintang) (since May 2008; re-elected 14 Jan 2012)
Head of government: Premier Mao Chi-kuo (since 8 December 2014)
Ruling party: Kuomintang (KMT) (Chinese Nationalist Party) (from 12 Jan 2008)
Area: 35,961 square km
Population: 23.43 million (2014)
Capital: Taipei
Official language: Mandarin Chinese
Currency: Taiwanese dollar (T$) = 100 cents
Exchange rate: T$32.70 per US$ (Sep 2015)
GDP per capita: US$22,598 (2014)
GDP real growth: 3.74% (2014)
GDP: US$529.55 billion (2014)
Labour force: 10.92 million (2009)*
Unemployment: 3.96% (2014)
Inflation: 1.20% (2014)
Balance of trade: US$23.36 billion (2010)
Foreign debt: US$79.80 billion (2009)*
* estimated figure

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