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In an astonishing display of candour in a public hotel where the brunch was taking place, all of the businessmen ... chorused that nothing gets done in Kyrgyzstan if President Bakiyev’s son Maxim does not get 'his cut'.

Andrew Hough, writing in The Daily Telegraph (London, November 2010)


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Kyrgyzstan’s geography does little to give it a national peace of mind. Claiming to be the home of the apple and the walnut (both grow wild in Kyrgyzstan’s mountains) the former Soviet satellite borders international heavyweights such as China and high risk countries such as Afghanistan as well as its fellow ex-USSR sub-states Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. In the twenty years since 1991 and freedom from Soviet rule, Kyrgyzstan’s domestic politics have hardly been stable or even benevolent. To make matters worse, Kyrgyzstan finds itself pulled in different directions by its own minority ethnic groups, notably a number of Uzbek enclaves. Added to the mix is Kyrgyzstan’s almost unique international position of playing host to both US and Russian air bases. However important Kyrgyzstan may be to the global powers, both the US and Russia were less than forthcoming in providing aid and assistance in June 2010 as thousands of Kyrgyzstan’s ethnic Uzbek’s were forced to flee the country.

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- Timeline

- Political structure

- Population,

- Education  

- Health

- Welfare

- Main cities

- Languages spoken

- Media

- Economy

- Agriculture

- Industry and manufacturing

- Tourism

- Mining,

- Hydrocarbons

- Energy

- Financial markets

- Banking and insurance

- Time

- Geography

- Climate

- Dress codes

- Entry requirements

- Health (for visitors)

- Hotels

- Credit cards

- Public holidays

- Working hours

- Telecommunications

- Electricity

- Social customs and useful tips

- Security

- Getting there

- Getting about

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Key Facts

Key Facts:

Key Facts
Official name: Kyrgyz Respublikasy (Kyrgyz Republic)
Head of State: President Almazbek Sharshenovich Atembayev (SDPK) (took office 1 Dec 2011)
Head of government: Prime Minister Temir Sariyev (since 1 May 2015) has replaced Djoomart Otorbaev after the latter resigned on April 23 2015.
Ruling party: Coalition led by Sotsial-Demokraticheskaya Partiya Kyrgyzstana (SDPK) (Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan), with Respublika (Republican Party) and Ata-Zhurt (Fatherland) (from 17 Dec 2010)
Area: 198,500 square km
Population: 5.70 million (2014)*
Capital: Bishkek (formerly Frunze)
Official language: Kyrgyz, Russian
Currency: Som (S) = 100 tyin
Exchange rate: S66.15 per US$ (Sep 2015)
GDP per capita: US$1,299 (2014)*
GDP real growth: 3.60% (2014)
GDP: US$7.40 billion (2014)
Labour force: 506,000 (2011)*
Unemployment: 7.55% (2014)*
Inflation: 7.53% (2014)
Balance of trade: -US$3.40 billion (2014)*
Annual FDI: US$391.00 million (2011)*
* estimated figure


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